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Festival of Mayo Manchego in Pedro Muñoz

Pedro Muñoz (Ciudad Real)GPS: 39.40530014038086, -2.952359914779663
Tomorrow May enters, beautiful and in bloom
Fiesta del Mayo Manchego Pedro Muñoz
Description of the party

The tradition oflos mayosis timeless, and it was spread throughout Spain. The town of Pedro Muñoz preserves it with unique characteristics, united by folkloric music, impressive regional costumes, and the tradition of the street-lamps.

Today the festival of Pedro Muñoz is, above all, a celebration in which what takes precedence is the presence of the men and women in the street with their vestments of bright colors and lace, and the women with their hair in chignons with ribbons or “zorongo” (a wide bow). The woman chosen to be themayerawill be present throughout the whole year at all the local celebrations. The festival also organizes a contest of artisanal street-lamps, which recall those that were made bylos mayoson the night of the serenade, the last night of April.


On the first of May the bull ring of Pedro Muñoz hosts one of the most important folkloric music festivals of the region with street musician acts, representatives of folkloric groups from Castile-La Mancha, and dance and chorus associations.

The chant of May is performed the night of April 30th by way of young men serenading each single woman in the town. Previously they will have drawn lots for the girls(mayeras), who may or may not be accepting of her assigned young man(mayo). In Pedro Muñoz the young men paint an artistic flowerpot on the facade of the house if the young woman welcomes her courter; and if not, they throw the paint at it.

Festival of Regional Touristic Interest.


The night of April 30, and the 1st of May.


It is possible to attend the serenading on the night of April 30 in the streets of Pedro Muñoz, and be invited to drinkzurraor other typical products at the houses of themayeras, the young single women.

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