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Olive festivity in Mora

Mora (Toledo)GPS: 39.684200286865234, -3.7735700607299805
Description of the party

Festivity of National Tourist Interest.

This original festivity in Mora has its origin in the private celebrations that each farmer held at the end of the olive harvest, with a ball at their houses and the adornment of their transport carts with olive branches. Turned into collective by the middle of the 20thcentury, nowadays its great appeal is the parade of floats that represent old buildings, daily scenes, and traditional objects, driven by locals attired with the typical shirt. Which also wear the rest of the citizens.

The festivity is rounded off with exhibitions, contests and gastronomic days.


Movable date. On the last Sunday in April.


Mora is an international role model because of the quality its olive oil, prized at the most exquisite gourmet shops from all over the world.  Based on artisan olive grounding at the traditional presses, leaving without tasting it and buying it is almost a sin.

Picture: José María Moreno García

Fiesta del Olivo de MoraFiesta del Olivo de MoraFiesta del Olivo de Moramas
  • Fiesta del Olivo de Mora
  • Fiesta del Olivo de Mora
  • Fiesta del Olivo de Mora
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