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Cervantine Days in El Toboso

El Toboso (Toledo)GPS: 39.518699645996094, -2.9930601119995117
Description of the party

There is no better place as where Dulcinea, El Quixote’s girlfriend, was born to go back to the century of the Knight of the Woeful Countenance. Locals will welcome us attired with Cervantine costumes, and Don Miguel’s genius will seduce us at streets and squares with stage performances, Cervantine days, markets from that time, exhibitions… and even Don Quixote and Sancho themselves coming in El Toboso.

Festivity of Regional Tourist Interest


Movable date. The closer weekend to April 23rd, Book Day.


Dulcinea’s cuisine is also present during these days, but we can also enjoy the cuisine Cervantes talked about around the whole municipality: duelos y quebrantos(bacon, cured ham and chorizo sausage with eggs), olla podrida (stew made from pork and beans and a wide variety of other meats and vegetables), salpicón (meat leftovers from lunch dresses like a salad), partridges, stewed rabbit, cañutillos de suplicaciones (wafers), quince jelly… It is difficult to believe that Don Quixote were so thin. Although Sancho made the most of it.

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  • Jornadas Cervantinas de El Toboso
  • Jornadas Cervantinas de El Toboso
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