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Santísimo de la Sala Procession in Bargas

Bargas (Toledo)GPS: 39.94160079956055, -4.018970012664795
Description of the party

If this procession astounds because of the silence, and because of the unique candlelight that accompanies it, it is also impressive because of the typical local costumes women and men from the municipality wear. The one for women, complemented by a Manila shawl, in many cases inherited from mother to daughters for many generations. The meticulous arrangement is praiseworthy: V-shaped, crossed toward the back, and smalls folds over the nape are attached to the hair with plenty of pins. Over the ears, the “arracadas”, Mudejar inspired rings, and around their neck, the set of jewelry, pendants in the shape of a bow, a feather or an almond. All this, present on the more than 2,000 local women who normally accompany the procession.

Festivity of Regional Tourist Interest


Movable date. On the third Sunday in September at night.


During 5 days Bargas celebrates its festivities, from Friday to Tuesday, with the procession on Sunday at night. The fireworks and the spectacular jumps of the youngsters over the firework display are the great show on Saturday night.

Procesión del Santísimo de la Sala de Bargasmas
  • Procesión del Santísimo de la Sala de Bargas
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