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Alto Tajo Natural Park

Peralejos de las Truchas (Guadalajara)GPS: 40.588600158691406, -1.900149941444397

The hydrographic net has set the landscape as it can be seen nowadays.  It is notable the cannons fluvial sickles, as well as singular slope forms, like knives, needles and monoliths on red limestone and sandstone. All of it conforms the most extensive net of canyons and sickles from Castile-La Mancha. It is also relevant the high moorlands occupied by extensive Spanish junipers areas. Here, 20% of the Iberian flora species hide.


The excellent degree of conservation of the park allows us to enjoy, through its pine groves and gallery forests, birds of prey, tiny mammals, reptiles, nine classes of amphibians, and seven autochthonous species of fish. Its landscapes inspired José Luis Sampedro in his novel "El río que nos lleva", which narrates the work of the "gancheros" in the Tagus.


Free access by the A-2 highway from Guadalajara to Alcolea del Pinar (km. 133) in order to take the N-211 to Molina de Aragón. From this point, we will be able to accede to Taravilla, Peralejos de las Truchas, Checa and Orea.

Also from the A-2 to Almadrones (km.103) to take the CM-204 by Cifuentes to Gárgoles de Abajo. From here, we can continue along the CM-2115, by Trillo until the junction with the CM-2105. This road can be taken until Zaorejas, Peñalén and  Poveda de la Sierra

From Cuenca, by the N-320 to Cañizares, where the CM-202 towards Beteta is taken. From here, we can go to Povedade la Sierra, Peralejos de las Truchas and to the  “Monumento Natural del Nacimiento del Río Cuervo” (Cuervo River Spring National Monument).

From Teruel by the A-23, to take the A-1511 continuing by the CM-2111 to Checa and Orea.


All seasons, especially in spring months, when defrosting increases the volume of rivers, and in autumn to enjoy its colourful landscapes. Comfortable clothes, suitable for cool temperatures and we should check the forecast in advanced.


Administrative office of the Park – (+34) 949 885 300

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alto tajo portada /David BlázquezParque Natural del Alto TajoParque Natural del Alto TajoParque Natural del Alto TajoParque Natural del Alto Tajomas
  • alto tajo portada /<b>David Blázquez</b>
  • Parque Natural del Alto Tajo
  • Parque Natural del Alto Tajo
  • Parque Natural del Alto Tajo
  • Parque Natural del Alto Tajo
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