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Piedrabuena Volcano

Piedrabuena (Ciudad Real)GPS: 39.035701751708984, -4.174409866333008

Piedrabuena volcano Natural Monument is located, as its name suggests, in the village Piedrabuena (Ciudad Real), in the volcanic area of Campo de Calatrava. Its age could range between eight and a million and a half years. This volcano is, with no doubt, one of the ones formed by the most extensive eruptive rocks of the region. The place where the exhaust duct was located is Northwest from the town. Over it, the lava materials accumulated giving rise to a steep hill. From there, a large mantle ranged widely, surrounding what today is the town centre.


The vegetation of the area is typical of the areas of Ciudad Real with these features: holm oak, kermes oak, juniper, as well as Mediterranean scrub and brooms. As well as the case of other volcanic structures in the area, the most remarkable group of animals are birds, especially, birds of prey. All these aspects give the place a special geological, ecological and landscape interest.


Although the volcano is visible from different spots in the area, to get an overview you can climb up to the Sierra de la Cruz Hermitage, where there is a viewpoint from which you can observe Piedrabuena.

To reach the volcano, you must go along Toledo road towards Porzuna (CM-403).

There are several roads and routes with indicators and panels that you can use to explore and learn about this place.


It is advisable to avoid summer months or times of excessive heat.

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