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Alcaraz (Albacete)GPS: 38.666500091552734, -2.4907100200653076
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David Blázquez

On the side of the San Cristóbal mountain is the village of Alcaraz. In its history we can find traces of its ups and downs in the Middle Age, but it is the Renaissance that restores Alcaraz with the lost shine we are able to appreciate whilst visiting.

The main square stands out architecturally.  Simple and full of monuments, wrapped in solemnity, it opens up onto the small Trinidad square. It is governed by two old Renaissance-style towers, the church tower and the clock tower. Both are works of the genius architect Andrés de Vandelvira and constitute an image of the village in both memory and in the distance. The square has kept its constancy of arches on the whole, which sustain the town hall, la Lonja del Corregidor and la Regatería in an elegant classicism. 

Next to it is the Santísima Trinidad church. Whilst visiting, the traveller will see different Gothic periods and a collection of polychrome statues. Outside, besides the tower in the main square, we can find the façade with an advanced Gothic style, boasting extremely beautiful flaming archivolts.

Walking through the town we are provided with numerous features, decorations, arches, façades and balconies. The Aduana gate, the house of the Galiano family, the temple of Nuestra Señora de las Cortes, the monastery of Santa María Magdalena, the Convent of San Francisco or the tower of Grogojí. These are some of the treasures that are hidden amongst the streets and places of this beautiful Alcarrian village.

In the surrounding area and almost in ruins we find the castle, but a tour of the countryside and the areas around its old fortress on foot is worth it, as the views of the village and part of the county are comforting and worthwhile.



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