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Almendros and its church of the Holy Cross

Almendros (Cuenca)GPS: 39.920501708984375, -2.8845200538635254
A stop on the road to enjoy the Church of the town

Almendros y su iglesia de la Santa Cruz

This Conquense town of less than 300 inhabitants is located 83 km from the capital of the province and 10 km from the Roman ruins of Segóbriga. Its proximity to this important archeological site makes it worth a stop to visit its parish church, with Renaissance architectural components and dedicated to the worship of the Holy Cross.


The church, a masonry construction, has two well defined parts: the Gothic body, from the middle of the 15th century, and the Renaissance apse and transept, from 1569. Its tower, interestingly, is attached to the apse and has four embrasures for the bells. Another of its attractions is the main altarpiece, from the end of the 17th century, belonging to a late Renaissance style and a little bit archaic. The decoration of its three bodies is mostly sculptural.


Free access to the church, respecting the hours of worship


Visit the Hermitage of Our Lady of the Conception, from the 16th century, with only one nave and polygonal apse. Its beautiful Baroque altarpiece is worth it.

Iglesia de la Santa Cruz de Almendrosmas
  • Iglesia de la Santa Cruz de Almendros
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