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Angel's Baths

Toledo (Toledo)GPS: 39.8572998046875, -4.029990196228027
Medieval thermal baths
Baños del Ángel

One of the best preserved of the eight baths that Toledo maintains. It preserves the best maintained hot room in the city. While visiting, we can understand its use between the 10th and 13th centuries, watching their rooms and bathtubs, and the chandeliers for the passage of light and steam and heat adjustment.

+34 925 253 080

Callejón del Ángel

Contact the "Centro de Gestión de Recursos Culturales del Consorcio de Toledo" because they are part of the "Rutas del Patrimonio Desconocido de Toledo", organized by the "Consorcio de la Ciudad de Toledo". Phone: +34 925 253 080

925 253 080Callejón del ÁngelConsultar en el Centro de Gestión de Recursos Culturales del Consorcio de Toledo porque están dentro de las Rutas del Patrimonio Desconocido de Toledo, organizadas por el Consorcio de la Ciudad de Toledo. Tfno: 925 253 080
Baños del Ángelmas
  • Baños del Ángel
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