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Castle of Enguídanos

Enguídanos (Cuenca)GPS: 39.67319869995117, -1.6116399765014648
That of the strong walls
Castillo de Enguídanos

Its restoration allows us to enjoy this fortress almost completely in its splendor, forming a castle in between Gothic and Renaissance styles.


We can access it by the North Gate, with a rounded arch above the entrance. The wall preserves three towers reinforcing the corners. The main tower has the shape of a D, semicircular on the outside and flat on the inside. If we observe the perimeter, the towers stick out beyond the wall in a semicircle: the reason is that in this way they better resisted the cannon shots, as opposed to the medieval tower with a square plan, when they were not yet using gunpowder.

During the 14th and 15th centuries it acquired its current aspect, elevating the main tower to facilitate functioning as a watchtower.


Free access.


Enguídanos had been selected since ancient times to erect castles. From the 5th to 3rd centuries B.C., I and II Bronze Age, Cabeza Moya, a Celtiberian fort, sat on the hillside. At the archaeological site they have found rooms, Greek pottery, and Roman coins.  

Castillo de EnguídanosCastillo de EnguídanosCastillo de EnguídanosCastillo de Enguídanosmas
  • Castillo de Enguídanos
  • Castillo de Enguídanos
  • Castillo de Enguídanos
  • Castillo de Enguídanos
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