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Renaissance Church in Domingo Pérez

Domingo Pérez (Toledo)GPS: 39.975399017333984, -4.505090236663818
The Renaissance in Domingo Pérez
Iglesia renacentista de Domingo Pérez

51 km from Toledo we find the lovely town of Domingo Pérez, in the vicinity of the villa of Torrijos. Regarding the origin of its name, and despite having significant documentation about it, the experts have not been able to arrive at a clear conclusion. The only thing they agree upon is that there are few architectural treasures such as the parish church of the Immaculate Conception found in this town.


Located in the Plaza of the town, where the life of this noble villa passes through, the church, from the Renaissance court and built around the 15th and 16th centuries, reveals a simple style in its ensemble. It offers to visitors a very old baptismal font and a striking Main Altar decorated with ceramics from Talavera. In addition to a valuable painting of its venerated Virgin of the Immaculate Conception.


Freely accessible, respecting the hours of worship.


A stroll through the town to see the City Hall, the Pillory, and the hermitages of Our Lady of el Prado and Our Lady of Solitude. 

Iglesia renacentista de Domingo PérezIglesia renacentista de Domingo Pérezmas
  • Iglesia renacentista de Domingo Pérez
  • Iglesia renacentista de Domingo Pérez
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