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Palace House of Los Malo in Setiles

Setiles (Guadalajara)GPS: 40.73550033569336, -1.6175899505615234
A small big town in Guadalajara
Palacio Casa de los Malo en Setiles

This small town, with barely 150 townspeople, belongs to the Señorío de Molina region and we can situate it in the far east of Guadalajara, on a hill above the Villares stream, a tributary of the Gallo. Despite its small size, Setiles boasts the large noble houses that are preserved. In some of them, the traveler can admire lovely Baroque facades padded with red sandstone, which stands out over the plastering of the walls. The most important of this urban ensemble is the House-Palace of los Malo Marcilla.


This large house belonging to the Malo de Marcilla family was built in the 15th century and is currently divided into various houses. It is shaped by two parallel towers with battlements and separated by a central patio. One of these towers preserves all the openings that were necessary for its defense. The facade is from the 18th century and is highlighted with various moldings that include geometric and animal figures carved into the stone. In the upper part, protected by a triangular molding, is the family crest.


Ask at the City Hall if visiting the interior is possible.


Enjoy the natural spaces that this town offers, such as La Laguna, where bird lovers will be more than pleased with the great quantity of species that inhabit it. Also, the Route of El Cid runs through the lands of Setiles, an itinerary of great cultural value. 

Palacio Casa de los Malo en SetilesPalacio Casa de los Malo en Setilesmas
  • Palacio Casa de los Malo en Setiles
  • Palacio Casa de los Malo en Setiles
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