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Salterns - Belinchón

Belinchón (Cuenca)GPS: 40.04949951171875, -3.0567400455474854
The salt of good love
Salinas - Belinchón

Belinchón stands out in the journey across the province of Cuenca because of its salt and salterns. Its large production and purity stood out in history from the Roman period. The value of these salterns caused later repopulations in the Middle Ages and are mentioned by the Archpriest of Hita in The Book of Good Love.



Nowadays, it is a private property. They have been able to introduce new techniques for the survival of the salterns without destroying what becomes unfunctional or old, in that way 18th and 19th century buildings remain upright.  This salt is extracted from dried up ponds, rich in gypsum, marl and salt. One still can admire the salt storage buildings, some attached houses and the absence of metal components in the building structure, which is in wood.  

Salinas - BelinchónSalinas - BelinchónSalinas - Belinchónmas
  • Salinas - Belinchón
  • Salinas - Belinchón
  • Salinas - Belinchón
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