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Altizia Winery

Socuéllamos (Ciudad Real)GPS: 39.2869987487793, -2.793060064315796
Expanding La Mancha wealth
Bodega Altizia

Altizia Wineries are located in the municipality of Socuéllamos. They own 3,000 hectares of vineyards. In order to obtain a high-quality wine, in addition of having a great soil, a careful production process is followed. Their philosophy is based on their love for traditional methods along with the use of modern technology.

In spite of being a relatively young winery - it started in 2004 - it already produces more than a million bottles per season nowadays. Thanks to their tenacity and effort the local wine is now well-known all over the world.


The wine production of the Bodegas Altizia label are white, red and rosé of very good quality and according to the Castilla La Mancha Protected Designation of Origin standards.


Their wine tourism offer proposes their visitors commented tasting services, tasting courses given by the winery enologists and guided tours around the vineyard.

Bodegas AltiziaBodega Altiziamas
  • Bodegas Altizia
  • Bodega Altizia
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