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La Borricá of Torrenueva

Torrenueva (Ciudad Real)GPS: 38.63890075683594, -3.361560106277466
On horseback for the souls in purgatory
La Borricá de Torrenueva
Description of the party

Horsemen from Torrenueva celebrate on horseback an old rite, prior to the 17thcentury, in which brothers -soldiers beg for the souls in purgatory. Leading figure is the flag bearer, a local committed to place the Flag at his house window or balcony on Shrove Tuesday, by the first soul call. He will take it off at 2 in the afternoon, second soul call, bearing it in his hand on a horse. The entourage of horsemen goes along –originally on mules and donkeys, thus the nameborricá(herd of donkeys) - accompanied by a tabor. From then on, they go around Torrenueva streets, collecting alms, which they give to the parish priest at the end of the day, during a ceremony where horses, the baton, and the people taking part, play an important role.

Festivity of Regional Tourist Interest


Movable date. Shrove Tuesday every year.


The flag bearer’s house shows a soul flag with skull over black background. Especially in this one, and in each one along the itinerary, the visitor is offered typical desserts from La Mancha - doughnuts,ojuelos(fried pancakes), sequillos (a kind of cracknel) – likewise profiteroles and "limoná" (white wine, sugar and lemon).

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