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Zarzuela Week in La Solana

La Solana (Ciudad Real)GPS: 38.94150161743164, -3.239419937133789
Description of the party

A unique festivity in Spain, begun in 1984, and entirely devoted to a quintessential Spanish musical genre: the zarzuela. As well as performing the great classics, there are School Days, and some events aimed at promoting the Zarzuela in Castile-La Mancha. The precedent of La Solana could not be better: Federico Romero, who spent long periods at La Solana, chose this municipality as the stage for his well-known work "La rosa del azafrán" (The Saffron Flower).

Festivity of National Tourist Interest


Movable date: between the first and the second fortnight in October.


In order to enjoy the zarzuelas, the tickets are available in advance at La Solana Tourist Office, located at Centro Cultural Don Diego, 3, Don Diego square, La Solana. Phone no. (+34) 926 62 60 31. Opening times from Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 14 and from 17 to 20 h., Sundays from 10 to 14 h.

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  • Semana de la Zarzuela de La Solana
  • Semana de la Zarzuela de La Solana
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